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Hi, we are Tündi and Laci and we are destination photographers.


Yes, we shoot anywhere in the world. We are partners in life and also in work. We love our job,
love the moments of love and the weddings. We love natural lights and naturalness. Any genre we take pictures in, we strive to catch the moments which show the true self of the models, a characteristic parts of their personality. We try to avoid clichés, unnatural poses and if it’s possible the artificial lights too. In our pictures all smiles are sincere, because you never have to say “cheese”.
This aspiration of ours is perhaps the most essential thing at weddings, because in which occasion would it be more important to pour intrinsic beauty and sincere feelings into the picture, than on
the most significant day of your life? We are present at every important moment of your wedding as if we were not even there; we are shooting “from ambush”, with our presence we are not disturbing the participants. No one will instinctively put on their believed most beautiful facial expression at the sight of a photographer. Our clients love to see themselves in our pictures, and we love to see the joy and the pride in their eyes, and hear that typical sentence; “we didn’t think that it could be done this way”. We would be happy to go through this experience with you too; we would be honoured if you appreciated our effort, and entrusted us to capture your Big Day. Hey, if you’ve made it till here, perhaps you find all this interesting. And if you even love our photos, there’s no need to wait:
get in touch with us, drop us an email or call us.